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About Veranatura

Veranatura is a Finnish travel agency specialized in cycling and hiking holidays, operating on the internet. We offer self-guided tours in Finland and Italy. Our tours have been planned carefully and with love.

Experiencing the destinations in a genuine way

Our name, Veranatura, originates in two Italian words: vera = genuine / real and natura = nature / character. As per our name, we wish to offer genuine experiences in nature and culture.

Our aim is to provide genuine experiences creating long-lasting memories. On Veranatura’s cycling and hiking holidays you can combine outdoor activities to experiences offered by nature and culture. You will get really close to nature, local people and local culture. Walking and cycling can take you to places which may not be reached by car. You will thus see more, experience more and enjoy more of your holiday. Each destination and tour will teach you something new and give you moments of inspiration and amazement. Traveling this way truly broadens your perspectives!